The Watershed: News from the Perkiomen: I was asked by Ryan Betz, Executive Director of the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy, to create a custom piece for the cover of the first issue of The Watershed: News from the Perkiomen, the Conservancy's new magazine. I also wrote and article about gyotaku and had a second piece featured inside the magazine. For more information about the PWC, see

American Angler: An little article about me and one of my recent rubbings (a brown trout) appeared in the March/April 2010 issue of American Angler magazine, page 16. Article reprinted with permission from American Angler.

Arizona Wildlife Views: I was commissioned to create a vertical piece with multiple black crappie for the cover of Arizona Wildlife Views. The piece was custom since they needed room at the top to include the magazine title. I created three separate pieces for them and they picked the one that fit their needs. Click on the thumbnail on the right to see a better image.

Field and Stream: I was interviewed for an article in the July 2007 Field and Stream. The author, Dave Hartung, wrote a 'how to' article about fish printing after I had given him some instruction. A picture with two of my original gyotaku appears with the article. Article reprinted with permission from Field and Stream.

Media Coverage for Michael Reimer, That Fish Guy

How It's MadeIn August of 2016, a film crew from the TV show "How It's Made" came to my house to film a segment. They were here for over 8 hours and said the episode would air in 9-12 months. Not sure why it took so long, but it finally aired in July of 2019 and is now available for free online. Click to watch